February 27, 2021

Bridal Cave


Welcome to Bridal Cave.  A unique aspect of this cave is that you can get there by car or by boat as it is right on the Lake of the Ozarks

The entire complex is in Thunder Mountain Park

Here is the entrance to the Cave

This is a major show cave and the photos really speak for themselves

One of the lakes inside the cave.  There is no outsource to either lake

The cave has the longest flow stone in the world

Here is the second lake.  It is about 6 feet deep

This is only a sample of the wonders that call Bridal Cave home.  Photos really do not do this place justice, it is beautiful

February 21, 2021

St. Louis Aquarium


Welcome to the St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station

The first room has an interesting mapping light show that places on the ceiling

There is a large aquarium at the far end of the room that has a steam punk clock theme



Asian Forest Scorpion

Banded Chichlid

Touch pool of doctor fish

Red Pirahna

Archer Fish

Poison Dart Frog


Slipper Lobster and some Chocolate Chip Starfish

Blue Lobster

Ray and Shark Touchpool

Yes I did say shark

Blade Fish

Pot-belly Seahorse

Assessors tank

Sea Turtle

Lesser Devil Ray swimming through a school of Pilchard and Tang

Black Nosed Shark

School of Pilchard fish

Puffer Fish

Leafy Seadragon

Moon Jellies



Mushroom Jellyfish

St. Louis Wheel


Welcome to the St. Louis Wheel.  It is located at St. Louis Union Station.

The St. Louis Wheel stands at 200 feet tall and provides panoramic views of the city

The cabins are climate controlled and can sit up to 6 adults comfortably

During the current health situation, they are only loading one party per cabin

The wheel designed so that you view is rarely obstructed during your ride

The first thing you will see during the rotation is the old cover of the train yard of Union Station

At one time, this was completely covered and there were numerous tracks underneath it

Looking South you can see 64/40 and way in the distance, Illinois

Here you can see Enterprise Center (center) where the Blues play.  Behind it is Stiefel Theatre, which is where Broadway shows and Concerts play.  In the distance you can see the Arch

This is looking West.  Lots of construction going on here.  Further out you can see St. Louis University and the Arts District

This is looking North.  You can see the Union Station Hotel here and more of the roof structure

This area, looking North West is going to become a major player in the St. Louis community soon

Being constructed is the new stadium for the St. Louis MLS Football Club

This is looking straighr down to the loading area

They still have a few trains in the train yard area

Here you can see the HVAC unit on top of a cabin and how it connects to the main frame of the wheel

At night the Wheel puts on an amazing light show.  I imagine it will probably be part of celebrations in the future for St. Louis MLS Victories since it right across the street.

Next time you are in St. Louis stop by the reimagined Union Station and check out one of the newest attractions in town.