June 27, 2012

Outlaw Run Construction (SDC)

Kids Fest (SDC)

Welcome to Kids Fest at SDC

The square is all decorated for the festival.

Lots of activity tents to check out.

The Walenda Circus is back in the Opera House for another season.

Boledoras on fire.

Aerial contortion.


and of course the Walenda family on the tight rope.

They're just a little insane.

They've got a top shop set up in the Frisco Barn

Lots of toys

In the Red Gold Heritage Hall - LUMA

Who doesn't like a trippy glow-in-the-dark show?

It really played with your mind.

Fun show.

In the Riverfront Playhouse - the Million Bubbles Show.

Lots and lots of bubbles.

It was a fun, but warm, day at SDC