July 26, 2010

Magic Springs

Welcome to Magic Springs

Let's head on into the ride portion of the park

First ride of the day would be Arkansas Twister

This out and back wooden coaster is kind of off by itself

It provides some decent pops of air along its path

Bumper cars

Wave Carousel

Run Runner Pirate Ship

Twist N Shout

I really like the themed cars

My only complaint was they are not "tall person friendly"

Wild Thang - a power surge ride

Dr. Dean's Rocket Machine

Time for Big Bad John

This mine train has a colorful history

It originally was the 2nd track of River King Minetrain at Six Flags St. Louis,
before being shipped to Dollywood and then it was removed and sent here.

The next coaster is by far the most bizarre of the collection here

This is X-Coaster

It's really hard to describe without seeing it in person

This roll is just wrong is so many ways

Zooming back down into the station

It's fun... but it feels so wrong.

Diamond Mine Run

Pretty fun kiddie coaster

Plummet Summit

The Gauntlet

It's your typical Vekoma SLC

Yes, it's rough

That's pretty much it at Magic Springs

Time to head out

July 25, 2010

Kids Kountry (Branson Tracks)

Welcome to Kids Kountry on the Strip in Branson near Track 3.  Here you can see some of the rides at the park including the Bunny Hop and Lil' Swings.

Tea Cups and in the background Motorama (circular car ride) and Rio Grande Train.

Ferris Wheel and Kiddie Track Go Karts.

Track 3 (Branson Tracks)

Welcome to the Track 3 on the Strip in Branson

You get your tickets here

Classic Track

Classic Track

Bumper Boats

July 7, 2010

Noah's Ark Waterpark

Welcome to Noah's Ark Waterpark

Yes, there is actually an ark at Noah's Ark

This is Flash Flood

For some reason there is a random Go-Gator here

They also have a weird year-round walk through Haunt.  

Yes this is a waterpark.  They have a 4D theatre here too

Here is the main hill of the waterpark

Cowabunga is awesome.  Your butt barely touches the raft most of the way down.

The Plunge is a down hill head first racing mat slide.

The tallest tower on the hill is the home of the two major thrill slides

The white slide is the Point of No Return.
It's a long way down on this straight down body slide

The blue slide is Scorpion's Tail.  It starts with a drop capsule where the floor drops out from under you and then you go through a loop and then a run out

This is Black Anaconda - the longest watercoaster in the world

I love how it has a snake head at the exit of the slide.

This is Sting Ray

It's like a giant twin taco shell... slide.

Jungle Rapids

Tadpole Bay

Tadpole Bay

Paradise Lagoon features some shot gun slides.

Paradise Lagoon also has some ziplines

Black Thunder rafts slides

It was dark in there.  Like really dark.

Dark Voyage

Here is where the Dark Voyage empties out.

Let's do the TIME WARP again

It's like a disco in that bowl.

Bermuda Triangle - triple body slides

Congo Bongo - family raft slide

Adventure River 

More of Adventure River

That's big Kahuna behind us.
We had a great time today at Noah's Ark!