May 22, 2021

Opening Day (WOF)


Opening Day 2021 at Worlds of Fun turned out to be a rather soggy day

Despite the rain, the park actually a pretty crowd most of the day.

Quite a few of the flats were open from the start and most of the bigger rides later.

The big "new ride" for 2021 in Worlds of Fun is the completely finished Timber Wolf

Besides the final portion being retracked, they also added a new light package to the lift and first drop.

After a couple rides, I can safely say that Timber Wolf is running the best I can remember in a long time.  The speed is back.  There is no jackhammering.  It is actually fun to ride again.

With that being said, there is a slight bump going into the brakes, but I can forgive that

We are now on Season 3 without a train.  No sign of either Eli or Levi in the park.  Really a sad sight to see to be honest.  Hopefully either or both can make an appearance later this season

Europa was a ghost town today.  Autobahn and Falcon's Flight were down for weather.  Dutchman was having issues.  The food stands were closed.  That left Deja Vu Gifts and Taxi Tour as the lone items open in the area.

Do you think we will have any live entertainment in here this summer?

The floral clock looked great

MAMBA did not have a good morning.

Apparently new paint, rain and the mid-course brake being on too hard were not a good combination as it did not make it into the brakes and suffered a roll back during testing.

Luckily they were able to clear the train and the ride opened later in the day

The only water ride open today was Fury of the Nile, but let's be honest, with the rain, everything was a water ride today.

Viking Voyager
Sea Dragon
Falcon's Flight
Worlds of Fun Railroad
Mustang Runner
Steel Hawk

World Update (WOF)


Lots of changes on "pandemic stuff".  First there is no longer temperature screenings.  No masks requirements outdoors.  Social distancing markers have been removed.  All seats are being loaded on the rides.  AND if you are fully vaccinated, you do not need to wear a mask indoors

Worlds of Fun now has a Tavern in the Front Street Shops

Here is the menu and prices

While Panda Express is open, the other chain restaurants do not appear to be returning.  This includes Cinnabon, Caribou Coffee and Subway,  All three looked exactly like this - no activity at all

Some new shirt designs at Plaza Gifts

A new snack stand near Detonator

Finally we leave you with this weird new shack that has appeared near Timber Wolf.
Until next time, see you on the midway

May 16, 2021

Bluegrass & BBQ - Food (SDC)



A major part of Bluegrass & BBQ is the food offerings.  SDC has created Tasting Passports to help guests maximize their food spending money and be able to test out these new offerings
The Passport costs $30 + tax for park guests.  Season passholders get 10% off and Gold passholders get 20 % the price.  Once purchased you can get 5 tastings from the list of options on the back.  We are going to show you our selections from today

Dockside Grill
Thoughts: This a great combination of skillet with pulled pork.  The tasting size is just the right amount of food.  The only thing that might make it better is more BBQ sauce

Rivertown Smokehouse
Thoughts: This might be one of the best things I have ever had.  Super moist topping with a firm crust (you will need a knife to cut it) and huge pieces of fruit.  Seriously go get this thing

Hannah's Ice Cream Parlor
Thoughts: This combination just doesn't work for me.  There is potato in the skillet and then they put it on a potato.  That's just way too much potato.  Then the chicken is seasoned weird.  Pass on this and get something else.  

Chester's Kettle Chips
Thoughts: This a good combination.  The brisket is really tasty and when you mix it with the salty chips you have a yummy dish.

Crossroads Pizza
Thoughts: Remember those tiny pizzas from Pizza Hut that you got when you read so many books back in grade school?  This is even smaller.  Not much flavor to it and honestly the size on that huge piece of cardboard really turned us off from the start.

Thoughts: Think of this as a slider. The hamburgers here are always good.  Add some pulled pork, BBQ sauce and some cole slaw and you have an amazing burger.

Coke and Floats
Thoughts: Anyone that has ever bought a mountain cookie knows how huge they are.  Add some frosting with sprinkles and you have a major sugar rush.  Definitely get one of these to share - I don't recommend trying to eat one by yourself

Buckshot's Skillet Cookery
Thoughts: This is more of a slider like the burger from Lumbercamp.  Liked that this sandwich was served on a Hawaiian bun.  The pineapple chunks really add to the overall flavor.  Really good.

Bluegrass & BBQ (SDC)


Welcome back to Silver Dollar City

Bluegrass and BBQ is currently going on at the 'City

A major portion of the festival is the food - and we will cover that in a separate update

The big news is that the Opera House is back and is featuring live entertainment once again

We were able to watch Alan Bibey and Grasstowne.  They put on a good show.

Really like all of the patriotic bunting that was on display around the park

It really looks nice in person

Bluegrass & BBQ runs through May 31st at the 'City.

City Update (SDC)


The fence has grown

It now stretches all of the way from the smoking area to Fireman's Landing

Behind the fence, they appear to be doing some work to the Pumpkins pathway

It looks like the entire pathway will be widened

The real question is, why did they put a fence this time when there was no fence up when they originally put in this pathway.  We'll keep an eye on the area.