January 29, 2018

Time Traveler (SDC)

Time Traveler is busy putting in laps as crews make their final adjustments on the ride.

Each train will have a total of 4 carts for a total of 16 passengers per train.  Also of note, there is new covering on the ThuNderaTion queue line as you can see in the lower portion of the photo.

January 27, 2018

City Changes (SDC)

Carr Excavating provided the internet with a new photo today that sheds a lot of light on what is going on at the park.  To say this area looks different is quite the understatement

First off you can see a new restaurant on the right that juts up against Cowboy Jepp's and is right on the lake of Flooded Mine. 

Next you can see that they have removed Big Skillet (which was right next to the new Time Traveler Shop), Buckshot Annie's and Pokesalad Mary's.  We are not sure if Hatfield's is still standing as it would be directly behind where this photo was taken.  

Finally, it looks like most of the trees have been removed in the area as the entire pavement has been ripped up and the trees should be where the cat on the left is sitting.  

January 9, 2018

Bernie's Barnyard - New for 2018 (Adventureland)

Adventureland released some new images of the brand new area being added in 2018 - Bernie's Barnyard.  

The park is teaming up with Little Tikes and Unlimited Play for this amazing new play structure.

This new play structure will be accessible for all guests thanks to the creative minds of Unlimited Play which specializes in playgrounds that are accessible and inclusive for everyone.

The park plans to release more details on the rest of the new area, including the two new rides, soon

January 5, 2018

City Changes (SDC)

Changes continue to happen at Silver Dollar City on Settler's Ridge (the area near Time Traveler).  Carr Excavating posted these photos of Pokesalad Mary's being demolished this week.

It is interesting that this building is being removed as it appeared that the new boardwalk exit for Time Traveler actually went around it.

Carr Excavating made short work of tearing down the structure.

By night fall, most of the structure's rubble remains had been taken off site already.  You'll note here that on the right you can see the "back porch" of the secondary Time Traveler building (which we still are guessing will be merchandise for the ride).

One final photo (this one a still from a video that Carr posted), and while I haven't been able to verify it with photos yet, I have a feeling that the other restaurants on Settler's Ridge (Annie's and Buck Shots) have also been removed.

January 4, 2018

Timber Wolf - Improved for 2018 (WOF)

Worlds of Fun will be continuing to work with GCI on their multi-year restoration project on Timber Wolf. Built in 1989, the ride was designed by Dinn Corporation and is one of only a handful of their designs that still operates.

For the 2018 season, the theme park just announced that they will be removing the ride's 560 degree helix and replacing it with a new, thrilling element.  

That will be a high-speed 70 degree banked turn, which you can see in the photo above and the following photos.

The approach to and from the new element appear to be staying the same, but the helix from before will not be returning.

This new turn will bank at 70 degrees while only elevating slightly off the ground to preserve speed.

I have to admit that I am quite excited about the change as I always felt that the former helix killed the momentum of the ride and provided a subpar ride experience.

It should be noted, that the park plans on running the same PTC trains for now.

This photo gives you a better idea of the banking of the new curve.

Timber Wolf is expected to re-open sometime this Spring, though the official date has not been released yet.

Who is ready to ride the NEW Timber Wolf this Spring?