November 24, 2018

Winterfest Lights (WOF)


In this update, we'll take a look at the lights around the park.  This is one of the paths leading to the main gate area.

Main entrance gate

Just inside the main entrance

Scandi Elf Village (International Plaza)

Candy Cane Lane (Scandinavia)

African Season of Lights (Africa)

Coca-Cola Polar Bear Plaza (Coasters Drive-In Area)

Forum Road

Charlie Brown Christmastown (Planet Snoopy)

Old West Christmas

 Mustang Runner

Train Depot Area

 Winterfest Way (Europa)


12 Days of Christmas (Le Taxi Tour)

Tinsel Town (Front Street)

Lantern Fest (Orient)

The park really stepped up to another level this year with their lights.
Winterfest runs on select nights through December 31st

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Winterfest Outdoor Shows (WOF)


Worlds of Fun has plenty of outdoor entertainment during Winterfest.

The most popular is the nightly Tree Lighting Ceremony.

This festive celebration takes places in International Plaza.

Using the same stage as the Lighting Ceremony is Cool Yule.

This music montage of Christmas songs features a large cast

and several wardrobe changes.

It also features snow.

Beware, there are some crowd participation interactions.

It is a very good show that will make it impossible to not dance along.

Oh and did we mention that the tree participates in the show too?

At Country Junction, the band Old Sound celebrates the holidays in their show called Bluegrass Christmas.

At the Tinsel Town Stage, Jingle Jazz performs A Capella Christmas favorites.

Sharing the stage with Jingle Jazz (in a rotating schedule) is the Mistletones who perform tight harmony while singing Christmas tunes from the 1950's

In Africa, the Sounds of the Nativity celebrate the reason for the season.

Finally near the entrance to Planet Snoopy, the Holly Jolly Trolley makes show stops to perform holiday classics.

Check out all 5 parts of our 2018 Winterfest Coverage.