March 22, 2004


Welcome to Epcot!

First off let's take a ride through Spaceship Earth.

From one space attraction to another - MISSION: SPACE

This is one intense ride.

We got to meet Goofy outside of Mission: Space.

Possible my favorite ride here - TEST TRACK.

Time to go see Ellen and the dinosaurs.

This is the Living Seas with Nemo

I like how they have the characters outside now.

Some of the many things to see inside the Living Seas.

This is the Imagination Institute where Journey Into Your Imagination is housed.

They also have Honey, I Shrunk the Audience.

They had a character performance near Spaceship Earth.

We got to meet some characters after their show.

The boat ride in the Mexico Pavilion.

It's like a Mexican version of It's A Small World.

In Norway, you can ride the Maelstrom ride.

It's... different.





We met a few more characters in World Showcase.

This is such an eclectic park.  It's a lot of fun.