July 9, 2011

Park Update (Schlitterbahn KC)

Let's check back in at Schlitterbahn KC.

We now have an open Blitz Falls

That's thanks to an now open lift from the Krystal River.

They are still working on some of the landscaping.

So now we have a complete loop of the open section of the park

Yes that's right - you no longer have to get out of your raft to return to the upper section of the park

The back section of the park is still being worked on

This is where the Kristal River ends for now.

The Storm Tower slide complex is nearing completion.

They had to build a new hill to put the slide complex on.

The bridge over the Kristal River has been installed.

Here is the where the new lift to King Kaw is going in.

It's going to be a massive addition once it is open.