July 16, 2013

Cedar Point

Welcome to Cedar Point.

This place is amazing.

Got to love a park that still has a Sky Ride.


Still one of the best inverteds out there.

Blue Streak.

The oldest coaster here at the park is still a great ride.

Cedar Downs.

Iron Dragon.

Iron Dragon is one of only a handful of suspended coasters left in the world.


Mantis is a decent ride, I am just not a big fan of stand up coasters.

Millennium Force.

This is probably one of the most "perfect" coasters out there.


I wish I could like this coaster, but the restraints make it impossible.

Mean Streak is just horrible.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride.

The leg room on this coaster is horrible for tall people.

Gemini is a great racing coaster.

Woodstock's Express is faster than the Mine Ride.

Magnum XL-200

Much like Maverick, if the train had better restraints, this would be a great ride.

Top Thrill Dragster.

This is an amazing ride - but I refuse to wait very long for it.

I love how Corkscrew goes over the midway.

Power Tower is almost too tall for the technology it uses - it's not as forceful as the smaller towers.

This Windseeker probably has the best location in the chain.

The ferris wheel has a much better location on the beach then when it was back by the train depot.

Wicked Twister.

This is probably one of of my guilty pleasure rides.

GateKeeper - the newest coaster at the park.

I enjoyed the ride.  I found that the left side back was probably my favorite spot to ride.

Another great day at the Point!