July 15, 2013

Kings Island

Welcome to Kings Island.

The big news is that something is happening on the old site of Son of Beast.

First ride of the day would be Flight Deck.

I really enjoy the old Arrow suspended coasters.

They are just so unique.

Drop Zone is always a fun ride.

I took a lap on Invertigo due to its short line.

Delirium is a great ride.  I always take a spin on it when I'm at the park.

The ending on this mine train cracks me up every time.

Racer time.

I like that you are able to ride in a middle seat here not on a wheel.  Much better ride.

Flight of Fear.

I like this ride.  I hate how slow it loads.

This is a great looking coaster.

It rides like crap.

Windseeker is fun, but you cannot see really anything with its location.

The final tunnel sequence on this ride is amazing.

The best wooden coaster in the world ... at night.

Night rides on the Beast at night are a must.

This big snake is one of the better B&M hypers out there.

Lots of airtime.

This will always be Runaway Reptar to me.

and this will always be Beastie.

I suck at this blasters ride.

Time to go up in the Eiffel Tower.

Let's take a look around.

This is where Son of Beast was located.

Thanks for an awesome day, Kings Island.