February 15, 2018

City Changes (SDC)

Silver Dollar City is ready to start sharing details about the other new projects happening in the Time Traveler area.  Here a park spokesperson is standing in from of the new Time Traveler store next to the ADA entrance (on his right) and the exit from the ride itself.

Valley Road has been rerouted for the new season.  It now does a curve just past the new Time Traveler store and then hugs the top of the hill that is above Echo Hollow.  To get your bearings, last year this was a shaded area with green picnic tables.  They have expanded the pathway, it was not nearly this big last season.

We're now back over by the Christmas store looking down Valley Road towards Frisco Barn.  The road, as mentioned above, now curves to the right past the Time Traveler gift show (the green building on the right side of the photo).  You can see the new Big Skillet on the left and the new chicken sandwich show straight ahead in the middle of the photo.

The new Big Skillet shop sits right next to Cowboy Jepp's across the former pathway down to the Frisco Train Depot and Flooded Mine Entrance.  There is a new covered dining patio directly behind it, which will give you views of Flooded Mine while you eat.

The new chicken sandwich, rumored to be called Buckshot Annie's.  If you look past the new tree on the right side of this photo you can see the Frisco Barn and the old Waterboggan tower.  Echo Hollo is immediately to our right.

The new Time Traveler store.  You will exit the ride through this shop (the garage door is the exit).  The entrance to both Time Traveler and ThuNderaTion is immediately to the right of this photo.