February 1, 2018

City Changes (SDC)

Things have really changed around Time Traveler.  There is now a new Skillet restaurant across the former path down to Flooded Mine that is right next to Cowboy Jepp's.  You can also see all of the new pavement that has replaced all of the asphalt.

There is a second restaurant (which will feature chicken sandwiches) that has popped up as well.  You can also see some of the new trees they have brought in to help replace all of the shade that was removed.

Here's a better look at the new chicken sandwich restaurant (which is rumored to be named Buckshot Annie's).  These two new restaurants will help replace the 3 that were removed (Big Skillet, Poke Salad, and Buckshot).  Another thing that you'll notice is that the new pathway makes a winding curve now which hugs the new Echo Hollow berm wall.

It will definitely be interesting to see how this entire area turns out.