May 22, 2021

World Update (WOF)


Lots of changes on "pandemic stuff".  First there is no longer temperature screenings.  No masks requirements outdoors.  Social distancing markers have been removed.  All seats are being loaded on the rides.  AND if you are fully vaccinated, you do not need to wear a mask indoors

Worlds of Fun now has a Tavern in the Front Street Shops

Here is the menu and prices

While Panda Express is open, the other chain restaurants do not appear to be returning.  This includes Cinnabon, Caribou Coffee and Subway,  All three looked exactly like this - no activity at all

Some new shirt designs at Plaza Gifts

A new snack stand near Detonator

Finally we leave you with this weird new shack that has appeared near Timber Wolf.
Until next time, see you on the midway