May 22, 2021

Opening Day (WOF)


Opening Day 2021 at Worlds of Fun turned out to be a rather soggy day

Despite the rain, the park actually a pretty crowd most of the day.

Quite a few of the flats were open from the start and most of the bigger rides later.

The big "new ride" for 2021 in Worlds of Fun is the completely finished Timber Wolf

Besides the final portion being retracked, they also added a new light package to the lift and first drop.

After a couple rides, I can safely say that Timber Wolf is running the best I can remember in a long time.  The speed is back.  There is no jackhammering.  It is actually fun to ride again.

With that being said, there is a slight bump going into the brakes, but I can forgive that

We are now on Season 3 without a train.  No sign of either Eli or Levi in the park.  Really a sad sight to see to be honest.  Hopefully either or both can make an appearance later this season

Europa was a ghost town today.  Autobahn and Falcon's Flight were down for weather.  Dutchman was having issues.  The food stands were closed.  That left Deja Vu Gifts and Taxi Tour as the lone items open in the area.

Do you think we will have any live entertainment in here this summer?

The floral clock looked great

MAMBA did not have a good morning.

Apparently new paint, rain and the mid-course brake being on too hard were not a good combination as it did not make it into the brakes and suffered a roll back during testing.

Luckily they were able to clear the train and the ride opened later in the day

The only water ride open today was Fury of the Nile, but let's be honest, with the rain, everything was a water ride today.

Viking Voyager
Sea Dragon
Falcon's Flight
Worlds of Fun Railroad
Mustang Runner
Steel Hawk