Saturday, March 17, 2018

Time Traders (SDC)

Time to take a look inside the new Time Traders shop.

The shop has some amazing theming. 

Check out these cool pieces.

Some cool clocks on the wall.

They have plenty of t-shirts to choose from.

They also have mugs and snow globes.

You can also get hats and even get a cosplay hat and goggles.

There really is something for everyone in the shop.

Really like the saying (and theme) for Time Traveler.  It is painted on the backside of the Time Traders shop.

City Changes (SDC)

Some new changes around the park include these new directional signs.

These new signs can be found all over the park.

Cowboy Jepp's is now located in Midtown.

It is scheduled to open during Festival of Wonder.

Finally, Fire in the Hole has received some new lighting updates for this season.  The most noticeable is the addition of "fire flies" in several scenes.  Also, most of the lantern lights have new flame LED bulbs which give a more genuine look to them.

Valley Road Changes (SDC)

This update is going to focus on the new updates to Valley Road.  Starting at Christmas Hollow, you can see that the area down to the restrooms has been regraded and opened up.

Valley Road is no longer a straight shot after going around Time Traders it makes a curve to the right and hugs the top of Echo Hollow.

Time Traders is on the right and the new skillet stand is on the left.  You can see Valley Road curving to the right here.

The old Cowboy Jepp's (and the original fire station for the park) is now Emmaline's Dress Up Emporium.

The shop sells princess dresses...

lots of accessories...

and even pirate clothes for the boys.  I guess this is a way to buy a larger bulk of clothing for their Princess and Pirate Cruises on the Showboat Branson Belle.

The first new restaurant you will see is Buckshot's Skillet Cookery.

This is the largest of the 3 new restaurants and features the largest variety of offerings.

Each of the new dinning locations have established queue lines.  This helps to keep the crowds off of the new Valley Road and really helps with crowd flow.

Here is the registers and drink area for Buckshot's.

All three restaurants share the same dining patio which overlooks the Flooded Mine lake.

The only issue I have with the area is that it is not covered (and the section that is, the roof is too high to make a difference), so when it rains it will be hard to use.

It looks big, but it was overwhelmed today during the lunch rush.

I really liked the old style Coke signs that hung on the walls in the patio area.

Traveler's Stop is the new chicken sandwich shop.  This restaurant was really popular today.  One thing that I noticed was that they sell combos here that include drinks.

Here on the "road side" of Traveler's Stop you can see how the new Valley Road path hugs the Echo Hollow ridge.  It will be interesting to see how this works during Christmas time with the parade.

The third restaurant is not really new, but it has been completely refurbished and "reskinned" with some new siding and a new roof.

Tater Patch was an already popular eating location and the long lines today show that that popularity has not changed.  The calico potatoes are amazing.

Two quick serve carts are also in the food court area.  The Dippin' Dots used to be near the Flooded Mine Exit and the other cart was near the TNT entrance.

This popcorn cart used to be down by Boatworks Theatre.  It seems to be getting a lot more foot traffic here near the new food court.

Casey's Dugout is a brand new store and it received some major upgrades over its old tenant, including a new entrance (as seen on the right of the photo) 

They have a guy who makes personalized bats outside of the shop. 

Inside there are a lot of different baseball themed products to purchase.

I personally think that this shop will go over pretty well for the park.

I think the new shop looks great.

Time Traveler (SDC)

Time Traveler is now open at Silver Dollar City and today we are going to take a closer look at all of the details of the ride and its surrounding area.

Here you can see the large new logo icon for the ride.  Over by the new Time Traders shop you can see a bank of lockers that can be used for either Time Traveler or ThuNderaTion.

This arch flanks the entry path for the ride.

Just in case you didn't know what you were getting yourself into.

The theme behind the station and queue is a clock factory.

You must transverse several flights of stairs during your journey to the loading platform for Time Traveler.

A couple of posters found in the outdoor section of the queue.

Here's the second of those posters.

Entering the lowest level of the building you first see the time clock.

In lieu of an on-ride photo, they have this photo booth in the queue.

You stand in front of this green screen and then are presented with a photo card which will allow you to access your photo at Time Traders when you get off the ride.

The bottom level of the queue building is pretty sparse with decorations.  It however features a lot of switchbacks which makes for a rather boring wait.

If you look up while you are waiting in line, you will see a bunch of clocks.

You can also look out several windows where you'll be able to see the ride in motion.

Going along with the theme of the bottom level being a parts and receiving area there are a few signs like this on the wall.

Here's a directory of the different levels of the shop.

Some thematic elements near the stairs to the 2nd level.

Up we go.

Here is the office area of the 2nd level.

This clock element is pretty neat looking.  There is also some shut off valves behind the fence.

Some schematics for the design of the seats.

I found this part of the display hilarious considering how many people were convinced that this red herring trademark (Wild Mountain) would be the real name for the ride

Seriously cool display.

The other wall in this area had a huge display of the car.

Another look at the clock element.

A better look at the Power Shutoff.

The next room featured some very log cogs on the ceiling.

There is a sign in this room explaining why there are so many clocks hanging from the ceiling.

The next few photos will be close ups of those famous time pieces.  You can see the 1st level of the queue peeking through the floor.

At this point, a grouper will help people get into groups of 4 for boarding up above.

This is in the area where the grouper is located.

Time to head up with your group.

The loading area is amazing.  The cogs on the ceiling actually turn.

The trains are extremely detailed.

After riding, you will depart at the outdoor landing for the ride.

As for the ride itself, I found it to be quite enjoyable.

The spinning wasn't that extreme and the launches were not violent.

I think SDC has a major hit on their hands.  It will be interesting to see what this ride does to park attendance this year.  It was very busy on Saturday