Monday, April 23, 2018

America's Fun Park

Progress continues at America's Fun Park.  The center post of the carousel has been set up.

The third roller coaster, Wacky Worm, has started to rise.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Opening Day (WOF)

Welcome to the 2018 Season at Worlds of Fun.

Tonight is the Passholder Sneak Peek Night.

The park is celebrating 45 seasons of thrills this year.

MAMBA is celebrating its 20th season this year.  How is that even possible?

Eli is looking great this year with its new paint job.

Mustang Runner, new for 2017, is still a very popular ride.

Falcon's Flight, also new for 2017, has operational lighting now on the birds which really adds to the ride at night.

This area was completely redone this off season and looks amazing.

Patriot is still one of my favorite inverted coasters out there.

Spinning Dragons is just fun.  I wish the line moved faster.

Nordic Chaser is the new for 2018 attraction.  It really turned out nice.  I did ride it and I probably won't ride it again.  The particular motions on this style of ride don't always agree with my body.

Detonator was running both towers tonight.  This is always a fun ride.

SteelHawk was being rather moody tonight.  It decided, at least twice that I know of, to stop at the very top and then forcing the crew to lower it back down slowly.  Not sure what was going on with this ride Friday night.

Prowler was also being moody and was closed most of the evening.

Boomerang was open, but I didn't feel the need to ride it.

I was able to snap the flyers tonight.  I think the wind helped.

Pretty good Opening Night, Worlds of Fun.  Looking forward to a great season.

Nordic Chaser - NOW OPEN (WOF)

Nordic Chaser is now open at Worlds of Fun

They really did a nice job with this ride.

Love the details, especially the logo sails.

The centerpiece boat looks awesome as well.

The flags on the control booth are a nice touch.

Getting ready for the first official ride

Here we go.

The ride has a nice lighting package on it at night.

The added musical score while the ride is in motion is a great touch.  I'm pretty confident is saying that this is going to be a popular ride this summer.

Timber Wolf (WOF)

As we previously reported, Timber Wolf will not reopen until sometime in May.  They have an attendant at the entrance, along with a sign, to answer questions.

You can see the new banked curve, that replaced the double helix, from Planet Snoopy.

It looks like they only replaced this portion of the ride.  Apparently we have at least another year before the entire ride will be refurbished.

Eli Repaint (WOF)

Eli and his coaches got a complete repaint this off season

This paint scheme matches the original paint scheme that Eli and his coaches had when the park originally opened.

It is really nice to see the park taking such good care of one of its crown jewels.

The most amazing part, for me, is that they took the time to paint each of the balloon logos on the passenger carts.  They look so awesome.

They also painted the name of the railroad on the top of each cart.  It really is the little things.

Again.  The repaint looks amazing.

New Fountain (WOF)

The new fountain near the Front Street Shops is fully operational

The entire area was redone.  The grade is all the same and there is now pavers and concrete in place of the nasty asphalt that used to be here.

They went ahead and removed the larger trees.  Most of them were dead or diseased.   The new trees they planted should be tall enough to provide shade in a couple seasons.

The new fountain is such an upgrade from what used to be here.  This was quite the unexpected addition for this season and I am super happy that the park is now investing in things to "plus" the atmosphere of the park.

At night, the fountains change color thanks to LED lighting.