Monday, May 21, 2018

Cyclone NanoCoaster (Coaster Dynamix)


We decided to try to build our first Nanocoaster today.  This is the Coney Island Cyclone model.  As you can see, the kit consists of the base board, a metal sheet with pop sections and an instruction paper.

Once you figure out how to pop out the sections, things move pretty quickly.  Just remember to pre-bend the pieces before you try to insert them in the base board.

One thing I found interesting is that you really don't build the entire coaster, just the parts that will be visible from the obvious angles.

By the time we got to step 3 we realized that it wasn't always one piece per step.

So here is the Step 3.5 where we had to go back and add a piece.

By the time we got to step 5 we had most of the pieces in place.  We then took the time to go back and shape some of the curves a little better.

The addition of the station was a little tricky to navigate and place both tabs in their correct slots at the same time.

The final touch was the addition of the CYCLONE sign on the lift hill.

Here is the view from the back of the ride.

Looking down from above, you can see what I meant earlier about it not really being a complete circuit in some places.

A couple of profile shots to end this report.

We'll probably get a few more of these in the future as this one proved easy and fun to build.  I honestly feel it turned out pretty nice.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

City Changes (SDC)

A construction project has popped up in Midtown.  This is directly across from Woodcarver's and right behind Wagon Works Grill.

Looking into the construction area, you can see that the building that formerly house Big Jack's Sandwich shop has been leveled and is no longer.  The building in the background is Grandfather's Mansion.

The made short work of the building.  It's like it was never there.

Here you can see some "Back of House" buildings that are located directly behind Wagon Works Grill.

We will definitely keep an eye on this area.  It is really too small for an attraction to go into, so we imagine that it will either be left open or a new building will go in its place.  As for now, it has made navigating Midtown a little tricky.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Timber Wolf - NOW OPEN (WOF)

Timber Wolf debuted in 1989 and later went on to be name the #1 coaster in the world.  It helped to put Worlds of Fun on the map.  However, age was not kind to the wooden coaster.

Fast forward to 2018, the coaster, now nearing its 30th season (next year) has been reborn with a brand new reprofiling that included this new turn that takes the place of the former helix which many viewed as the roughest part of the entire ride.

Tonight, Friday May 18th, the park is letting Gold and Platinum Passholders get the first official rides on the New Timber Wolf Reborn.

It didn't take long for the line to form once it got close to 7:30pm

The line stretched down the hill to the new fountain.

The park decided to let us in early and after getting our passes checked we made our way up to the station.

The crowd quickly started filling in the lines in the station.

The park upper level supervisors seemed pretty excited to launch the newest version of Timber Wolf.  This is officially the "first public train" for Timber Wolf Reborn.

The second train loading.

The second train heading out.

The first train arriving back in the station.
The first part of the ride was reprofiled not that long ago and is still pretty smooth.

Train heading up the lift hill.

The new turn is a much needed fix for the ride.

While it not overly remarkable by itself, it helps maintain speed into the second half of the ride.

Not to mention that we no longer have the jack-hammering that was a big part of the helix that this new section replaced.

Once you hit this point of the ride, you can tell that this section hasn't received as much work as the first part of the ride.

Once you hit this part of the ride, you get to experience that familiar "Dinn Shuffle" that we all know quite well.  The park has said that the reprofiling will continue in subsequent years and this area will be fixed soon. 

Overall, I am very happy with how the Timber Wolf Reborn turned out.  This historic wooden coaster is re-rideable again.

World Changes (WOF)

It looks like they are about complete with the new hardscape under the Scandinavia-Orient Bridge.

Dolphin topiaries have appeared at the fountain in the middle of Spinning Dragons.

I thought it was a pretty nice nod to the fact that this used to be the pool that hosted the dophin show at one time.

The lake under RipCord has been refilled at last.

I noticed at night that the trees are now light up with LED lights around that lake.

The railroad bridge in the area is also now light up with LED lights.

All of the rides that have onride photos now have new screens to display the photos behind the counter.  This is part of the upgrade to FunPix at the park.

The Caricatures stand in the Front Street Shops received some signage upgrades.

Front Street Shops is now the Front Street Emporium and is sporting a brand new sign.

Some new merchandise inside the shop.

Steel Hawk shirt.

A shirt sporting some vintage attraction logos.

Really liked the plush Snoopy with the logo balloon

I had missed it before, but Cyclone Sams now has some mood lighting and those really neat LED flame bulbs in the lanterns.

The lanterns on the brake run / transfer track area for Timber Wolf also have the new LED flame bulbs.

Timber Wolf will be utilizing the exit that empties behind Cyclone Sams this season, meaning that Bicentennial Square will be shuttered for the season (until Haunt)

Huge new sign on this refill station in the Old West section.

New butterfly topiary in Europa.

New signage on the former Big Game Hunt building.

There is a new cash bar in Chickie's and Pete's far right back room 

That concludes this update.  Until next time.