Friday, October 13, 2017

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

Today's update is courtesy of tiffanylynnt.  Walking towards the ThuNderaTion plaza area you can immediately spot the new structure.

The new structure is much bigger than the old Magic Shop that used to be in the same location.

They have put weather proofing paper up on the sides and I imagine our next update will show the building with siding in place as they are making short work on getting this thing built.

Peeking over the fence, you can see where the exit pathway will possibly enter this building.

The exit pathway from Time Traveler is continuing to progress.  It is interesting that they have opted for a completely elevated boardwalk for this pathway.

Progress continues on the entrance pathway as posts which will soon become the fence have been installed along most of the route.

Further down you can see a covering has been installed where the entrance pathway passes under the track.  Also we should point out that they have enclosed a large portion of the support structure of the exit pathway.  We are not sure what the purpose of this was.

Finally, it looks like they are nearing completion of the catwalk along the final brake run and turn into the station on the actual ride.

Thanks again to tiffanylynnt for this update.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Christmas in Midtown Installation (SDC)

Since our last update, the larger set pieces have been installed.

Behind Grandfather's Mansion

Big Jack's

The "tree" on top of the platform that used to be Huck's Hideaway

Eventually the base will be made to look like a giant present.

It looks like they've added some more lights to the structures as well.

Another "light tree" over by Woodcarver's.

You can see that there are additional light sculptures hanging on the support wires that area attached to the center pole for the "tree"

Close up of the star.

The star is pretty visible in the area.

The spinning "globe" is pretty much in the center of the area.

This will be an impressive looking piece.

Another neat piece is the carousel which features a train.

The final piece is this lighted tunnel, which will be awesome to walk through.
Thank you to sanddunerider for supplying the photos for today's update.

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

They are making short work of the new structure at Time Traveler.  It already has a roof.

 Honestly the structure is a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be originally.

 Peeking through the fence.

It comes quite close to the Big Skillet (that's the building on the left)

 Visibly, not much seems to have changed on the actual ride since our last update.
Thanks to sanddunerider for the photos in today's update.

Fright Fest (SFSTL)

Welcome to Fright Fest 2017 at Six Flags St. Louis

There are lots of Fright Fest flags up on the main shops.

 I really liked the placement of this skeleton.

The Dead Beats - a unique group that delivers high energy drumming and musicianship on a variety of odd instruments on a stage next to Axis Games.

Back for their 6th season in-a-row, The Rotten Bros Side Show performs disturbing acts like sword-swallowing, fire-eating, and walking on broken glass.  The show performs on the stage near Batman the Ride in the Studio Backlot.

 Living Dead Headstone & Coffin Sales.

A UFO has landed near River King Mine Train

The little stream that runs down the hill from River King Mine Train runs red with blood.

Gag Alley features several large inflatables.

There are also several different gags to try out that one would find in a classic fun house.

The Deadly Sins of Man are on display near Mooseburger Lodge.

Welcome to The Macabre Manor.

Located inside Miss Kitty's Saloon, this non-scare haunted house is where kids 12-and-under can pick up their trick or treat bags of candy.

 I like how they recycled props from the former Scooby Doo ride for this attraction.

The park has a lot of new tombstones this year around the park.

They even had some in the queue area of Screamin' Eagle -- and they also had some along the actually ride pathway which I thought was great.

New for 2017 is Butcher's Block near Colonel Cobb's.  This new scare zone area features the Pig Maze which is a serious of pens that you must navigate to break free.

New for 2017 in the Empire Theatre is Reality? featuring Johnny Magic.

 Johnny Magic performs several famous magical illusions.

For instance - cutting a girl in half.

 He also performs Houdini's famous metamorphosis act.

Back again for another season in the Palace Theatre is Love at First Fright.

The show is a musical review of famous Halloween songs.

On the Palace Porch, Deadman's Party - a dance troupe has been taken over and transformed into marionettes of a rather demented nature.  These human puppets have no strings to hold them back.

 The park has 5 upcharge haunted attractions this year.  Camp Killamore is located in Hurricane Harbor and features a summer camp overrun by psychopaths.  The rules are easy - don't go out after dark and especially don't go alone.  You might not live to regret it.

Located near Spinsanity, Blackout forces you to navigate blindly through a maze that is completely in the dark.  Screamsters in the maze are also dressed completely in black so it is next to impossible to see them before it's too late.

Slaughter House is located next to Mooseburger Lodge.  This maze is full of bloodthirsty butchers who are waiting in the shadows hoping for a new supply of fresh meat.

Blind Fury, located near the entrance to Thunder River features a matrix of hallways and mazes that will disorient you as you are faced with blinding lights and terrain changes.

Night Terrors, located near Joker Inc, forces you to face your deepest fears.  Don't look under your bed, don't open that closet and especially don't close your eyes.

 Let's check out the scare zones now.

 They had a pretty cool projection system on a couple windows near River King Mine Train.

Butcher's Block (located near River King Mine Train) is overrun by Pigmen wanting to butcher up some new meat.

 Zombieville (located near Boomerang) is an area overrun by zombies hungry for brains.

 Sinister Clowns of the Black Top is located near Pandemonium.

This area is no laughing matter.

 Vengeful Trolls is located near Colossus.

Beware as you navigate the meandering pathway as trolls are around every corner.

And these aren't the friendly type that you saw in that kids' movie.

Sycophants have taken over DC Comics Plaza.

These post-apocalypse nut jobs are looking to take over Fright Fest.

Gnawlin's Hollow is overrun by cannibals and voodoo priests.  Proceed with caution.

Rottingham & Bones Cemetery is located in the Plaza Gardens.

There are a lot of great displays in this area.

 Is the ground moving next to this headstone or is it just my imagination? 

 The headless horseman is real!

Arachnophobes should avoid the area over by American Thunder. 

Aragog, is that you?

Fright Fest runs through October 31st at Six Flags St. Louis.
They're dying to see you there.