Sunday, April 23, 2017

Parking Lot Expansion (SDC)

SDC is expanding the parking lot again.

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

We got some better pictures of the station from Sunday.  One thing I want to point out is the two openings that everyone has been saying will be the maintenance bays.

There is now a very large steel beam across those openings.

With that new beam in place, I think the original theory of a elevator style transfer track in the main loading area is looking more likely.

Let's be honest.  There is A LOT of room under the load station.

In other news, the entire building pretty much has all of its flats installed now.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

This week's update on the project shows how mysterious poles have popped up on this side of the building.  Will this side have a facade applied to it that extends above the roofline?

Additionally, wooden panel siding has started to be applied to the north side of the building.  You can see it towards the bottom.

Beachside BBQ Construction (SFSTL)

Construction is progressing on the new Beachside BBQ in Hurricane Harbor.  It will be nice to have an additional food option in the waterpark.

Spinsanity Construction (SFSTL)

Time to check back in on Spinsanity at Six Flags St. Louis.

For some reason it is still not open yet.

However there have been some significant changes since the last update.  For starters, they have painted the perimeter fence a bright orange.

Next, they have painted and cleaned the old Chevy Show building so that it doesn't look so dingy.

You'll notice that the paint job stops just out of sight of the main pathways though.

They have also put up some new sheet metal over the old Soundstage sign that was on the building and they have also installed a new awning for the queue line.

Speaking of queue line - they have installed the switchbacks.

Thankfully they have an "express lane" for when it is not as busy.

That new blue paint looks odd on the Chevy Show building as it it has been neglected for so long.  They also painted the lamp posts that same color of blue.

There is still protective covering on the middle planet's rings.

You can see the bottom coverings for the saucer still need to be installed.

Apparently they still need to do quite a bit of electrical work on the ride.

Nice blue wall -- it attempts to block the backstage break area.

I guess we'll see if they drag out the opening of this ride until Memorial Day.

It does look nice though.

Season Dining Pass 2017 (Six Flags)

2017 Season
(an on-going update of meals purchased on the Six Flags Dining Pass)

Chicken Strips and Waffle Fries
Colonnade's Grill - Six Flags St. Louis

Rockets Single Cheeseburger Meal (includes fries and onion rings)
Johnny Rockets Vanilla Shake (Snack Option)
Johnny Rockets - Six Flags St. Louis

Brisket Sandwich with Baked Beans
Old Blues - Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Boneless Honey BBQ Wings with Waffle Fries
Totally Kickin' Chicken - Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Vanilla Shake (Snack Option)
Johnny Rockets - Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Chipotle Chicken Nachos
Macho Nachos - Six Flags over Texas

Brisket Sandwich with Waffle Fries
JB Smokehouse BBQ - Six Flags over Texas

Dasani Water (Snack Option)
JB Smokehouse BBQ - Six Flags over Texas

BBQ Beef Sandwich with Waffle Fries
Mooseburger Lodge - Six Flags St. Louis

Bratwurst (with cheese sauce) with Homestyle Chips
Fowl Ball - Six Flags St. Louis

Soft Jumbo Pretzel (Snack Option)
Colonel Cobbs - Six Flags St. Louis

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Gateway Arch

Welcome to the Jefferson Westward Expansion Memorial - or better known as the Gateway Arch.

The memorial park is undergoing an expansion and renovation right now, but the arch just recently reopened one of the trams to the top observation deck.

Once you enter the memorial you see a lot of construction going on.  The theatre (which is behind this wall) is still open and is showing a documentary on the arch from design to conception.

When fully operational, there a total of two trams (one in each leg of the arch) that consist of 8 pods that seat 5 passengers each.

Here is a look into one of the pods.  Each seat 5 people.  It is a very cramped space.  The ceiling is only about 4 feet tall.  I'm 6'4" and had to sit crouched over to fit in.  Luckily, there were only two other passengers in the pod with me.

Welcome to the top of the arch.

The apex of the arch is 630 feet above the ground.

You can look out through these windows on either side of the arch.

The Illinois side of the arch gives you a view of the Mississippi River.

This side of the river is not as developed as the Missouri side (in my opinion).

Looking straight down you can see the steps down to the riverfront.  You can also see the shadow of the arch, which is always one of my favorite things to look at from so far up.

On the Missouri side, there is a lot more to look at.

Here is that expansion to the Memorial that I was talking about.  This will be the new entry to arch and museum that is scheduled to open later this summer.

There is also a new "green bridge" that crosses over the interstate.  This new bridge will connect the Old Courthouse with the arch making a new larger complex.  You can also see the Old Cathedral in the lower left hand corner.

Busch Stadium - home of the St. Louis Cardinals.  They were having a day game today.

The Gateway Arch is a must stop for visitors to St. Louis.  It will be even better when the expansion and renovations are completed this summer.