July 12, 2004

Kids Fest (SDC)

Welcome back to Silver Dollar City.

It's Kids Fest time!

Just in case you missed the other sign - here's one one square to let you know.

Some of this year's decorations.

There were a lot of stands with kid-friendly crafts.

They are going heavy on the "circus" theme this year.

The Frisco Barn toy store was completely devoted to circus items.

Veggies Tales Live was performing at Riverfront Playhouse.

The Art Barn was set up in the Carousel Barn.

Extreme Air was performing at the Heritage Hall.

It is basically a BMX stunt show.

I'm not the target audience, but the kids seemed to enjoy it.

The big addition this year is the "Circus of Dreams" Parade.

They pick a random kid to be the Grand Marshall.

I really enjoyed the floats.

One of the big things the park is pushing with the parade is that you can be a part of it.  They have a lot of these puppets in the "clown troupe" that families can operate.

It is a great parade and a nice addition to the festival.
What a great day at the 'City!