October 23, 2004

Halloweekends (WOF)

Welcome to Halloweekends at Worlds of Fun.

They've added to the terror this year.

The Monster Mash is back.

Witch Doctor's Revenge.

Digger's Used Coffins.

Haunted Homecoming is playing at the Moulin Rouge.

People are dying to see it.

Twisted Dance Party in Mamba Plaza

Let's tale a look at the decorations around the park for this year.

Camp Spooky.

The Magical House on Boo Hill is back.

New this year is Lore of the Vampire.

This new haunted maze utilizes the old Orient Express station.

It's actually pretty scary and long.

Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns is back - and now it's in 3D.

They've painted things with 3D paint inside and when you wear the 3D glasses it is really trippy.

I feel that the glasses make a good maze even better.

Also new this year is Camp Gonnagitcha.

This new maze is located where the Plunge used to be.

Yes, that's a huge spider waiting to greet you.

I really like the Camp Bus.

This is a very scary maze.

It even looks scary in the day time.

The final new attraction for this year is Fright Zone.

This is an open area where screamsters hide in the fog and jump out and scare you.

It takes place in the Africa section - and it is quite effective.

Seriously, the screamsters are everywhere at night.

Here is the other end of Fright Zone.

This year's event was the best one yet.