December 2, 2006

Coaster Christmas III (SDC)


Welcome to ACE's Coaster Christmas III at Silver Dollar City.

A freak snowstorm hit the park on Thursday and the clean up was still on going.

The amount of snow being cleared was unreal.

Doesn't look like PowderKeg is going to be operating today.

Fire in the Hole was open though and considering that most of the park will be snowed under again today.  Probably a good thing we have ERT on it now.

WildFire was closed for the day as well.

They were working hard to get ThuNderaTion open, but it never happened today.

Good thing we have a nice warm place with good food to go to.

Due to the weather, only SDC presented today.

New for 2006 will be Owen's Farm.  This will be a brand new area.  Here is some of the thematic elements and one of the rides for the area.

The main ride of the area is the Giant Barn Swing.  A S&S swing ride.

The park is building a barn facade to hide the swing.

Brad Thomas, SDC park GM also went over the new additions for White Water.  A new slide complex featuring speed slides and mat racers.

Next SDC provided raffle prizes to the attendees.

To make up for the closed rides, the park granted backdoor access to the Dickens show for all attendees.

While it was disappointing that the weather did not cooperate, we still had a great day at the park.