September 26, 2006

Halloween Haunt (WOF)

It is time to check out the mazes at this year's HAUNT.

Fright Zone.  This is probably the best scare zone at the park.

Dominion of Doom.  This is another scare zone.  Due to how open this area is, it is hard for the screamsters to be concealed.

Asylum Island is by far the scariest maze at the park.

It is a very long maze and extremely scary.

Lore of the Vampire is one of the older mazes at the park, but it is still pretty intense.

The final maze for this year is Camp Gonnagitcha.  While an entertaining maze, there were not that many scares.

They had an improv group at Country Junction.

Slash was being performed at the Tivoli Music Hall.

It was an interesting show.

Haunt was a lot of fun this year.