October 28, 2006

Halloween Haunt (WOF)

Welcome back to HAUNT - in this update we will check out the actual mazes.
The first one up is the Magical House on Boo Hill, which is a "scare free" house.

Camp Gonnagitcha is an outdoor extreme haunt.

It has an interesting theme.  Kind of a "summer camps gone psycho"

There are two scare zones at the park.  The better one is Dominion of Doom.

It's located in the Africa section of the park and it full of screamsters and fog.

The other is Dominion of Doom which is located on Forum Road.  I personally feel that it is too open for the fog to be effective in hiding the screamsters.

The oldest maze is Lore of the Vampire, and it is still one of the best.

The most intense maze is Asylum Island which is actually located in Oceans of Fun.

Even the queue line for the maze is entertaining and scary.

Finally, the have Jack's Rip Roaring Improve performing at Country Junction.  Fair warning, the show can get rather vulgar at times.  But it is hilarious.

Thanks for hanging around with us this season at WOF!