March 8, 2007

Off Season Tour (WOF)

Today we were treated to an off season tour of the park.

The Viking Voyager boats are all lined up in the entrance plaza.

Also out in the plaza are all of the cars from Le Taxi Tour.

The Festahaus tent has not been set up yet.

Rangoon Refresher is receiving some major changes this off season.

Octopus is actually set up already.

Zulu was being put back together.

Boomerang is about ready to go for the new season.

Mamba's trains are on the track ready to go.

Who's ready to scream down that first drop?

The boats for Fury are all parked by Coasters Drive-In.

Some work going on at Fury.

Train carriages parked.

So apparently we have a lot of cars this year.

Timber Wolf received new wiring and upgrades to the electrical system.

One of the trains is still waiting on it's face plate to be reinstalled.

Some retracking on Timber Wolf has occurred this off season.

Wacky Worm received new paint this off season.

Detonator received some new logo panels this off season.

Patriot is almost ready to test.

They have tarps around the train storage area.

Looks like they are in the process of putting the trains back together.

It was fun touring the park today.