May 12, 2007

Coaster Mayhem II (WOF)


Welcome to Worlds of Fun and Coaster Mayhem 2007.

Morning ERT was on MAMBA

MAMBA was really delivering great rides this morning.

Everyone was able to get multiple rides on MAMBA during ERT.

Also on morning ERT was Boomerang.

It didn't get many takers though.

Waiting for lunch we rode the other coasters in the park.

This included the original wooden terror of the park - Timber Wolf.

Spinning Dragons was up next as we made our way to the lunch tent.

Lunch was held in Festahaus.

A Q&A session was held after everyone had enough to eat.

Some very cool give-a-ways were raffled off during the ceremony.

Evening ERT was held on PATRIOT and was a lot of fun.

Thanks for another great day at the park - Worlds of Fun!