June 9, 2007

Coaster Mania (Cedar Point)


Welcome to Cedar Point and Coaster Mania 2007

I hope to have a great day.  Thanks for the well wishes.

First up on ERT was Maverick

The harnesses on this ride make it really hard for me to enjoy it.

I'll be honest, I spent most of my ERT riding Millennium Force.

Millennium Force is easily my favorite steel coaster.

Raptor was also on morning ERT.

There was never a line though during ERT.  
Most people were back at Millennium Force and Maverick.

Time for a Q&A Session

I'll be honest we didn't learn much at the session.

Time for lunch.

Everyone in attendance got a lot of freebies from the park.

Night ERT was on Magnum.

I really wish this coaster liked me as much as I like it.  

ERT was also on Wicked Twister

They had it on Power Tower

The marquee attraction though was Top Thrill Dragster

Race for the sky!

Another great day at Cedar Point!