July 5, 2007

Kids Fest (SDC)

Welcome to Kids Fest at Silver Dollar City.

The clown decorations are back again this season.

They seem to be everywhere.

The Champion Cloggers are performing at the Gazebo Stage.

In the Red Gold, Circus of the Century on ICE is performing.

Metal cube juggling.

Fire juggling

Aerial hoop

and finally figure skating.

All Star Dogs is performing in the Opera House.

They do all sort of races.

In the Riverfront Playhouse, Bounce is performing

They do lots of trick spinning

and they do some fun juggling too.

There are two stores this season.  Big Top Barn is a toy store in the Frisco Barn

Kid Concoctions is the other in the Carousel Barn.

It's a decent line up this year for the festival.