March 21, 2008

Sea World San Antonio

Welcome to Sea World San Antonio.

I really like the entrance fountain

First ride of the day was ATLANTIS

It is a very unique Mack built water flume

Next we experienced the terror of the GREAT WHITE

Yep, another Batman clone.

Hard not to enjoy it though.

Time for the Morgan built airtime machine - STEEL EEL

This junior hypercoaster makes its passengers pop out of their seats a lot.

It is super fun.

The park also has a log flume.

There is also a junior roller coaster called Shamu Express

Speaking of Shamu, they have a great show featuring the killer whales.

There is also a ski stunt show

A hilarious sea lion comedy show

There is also a cirque inspired dophin show called Viva.

Had a great day at Sea World.  This is truly a great park to visit.