March 20, 2008

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Welcome to Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Let's start off the day at Goliath

Sure, it's a Batman clone, but it is still a quality ride.

The park has a Boomerang.  It is called Boomerang: Coast to Coaster.

The park has a great mine train called Roadrunner Express.

The park has an extremely rough wooden coaster called Rattler.

It's only redeeming factor is that it interacts with the quarry walls.

Probably my favorite ride here is Superman: Krypton Coaster

This floorless coaster also interacts with the quarry walls.

It is a massive ride that stretches the length of the back of the park.

I liked the look of the park's wave carousel.

The park has a Vekoma Rollerskate coaster.

Some parts of the park are really pretty.

Bug's White Water Rapids is a really neat flume ride.

It has a few rollercoaster moments along the course.

The park has a LIM launched coaster called Poltergeist.

This three legged S&S tower ride is called SCREAM!

I have never understood how you can have a Boardwalk area without water.

This are is home to Tony Hawk's Big Spin.  Yeah, I don't get it either.

Well that's all for this time.  Hasta La Vista!