March 19, 2008

Six Flags over Texas

Welcome to Six Flags over Texas.

We started with TITAN

This is a very intense hypercoaster -- well once you get into the helix section

Who loves rough wooden coasters?

Sure wish the Texas Giant rode better.

La Vibora is a fun bobsled ride.  I wish the line wasn't always stupid long.

Runaway Mountain is an indoor coaster that features lots of drops and helices.

Shockwave was the first coaster in the world to feature back-to-back loops

MR. FREEZE is a blast.

It throws me off that it is a mirror image of the one in St. Louis

Next door is Batman the Ride.

It too is a mirror image from the St. Louis version.

This Six Flags still has a parachute tower

If you're not careful, you can totally miss the entrance to Judge Roy Scream.

Superman Tower of Power is a three tower space shot from S&S

Runaway Mine Train is a roller coaster classic.

Flashback is an extremely rough Boomerang rollercoaster.

Had a great time once again at Six Flags over Texas.