April 13, 2008

Opening Day (WOF)


It's the Park's 35th Anniversary Celebration

Celebration banners adorn the light poles.

The new parking lot toll gates.

The new digital sign above the entrance gates.

New Elephant Ears stand.

The updated marquee of the Tivoli Music Hall.

The new For Girls Only shop.

The inside of the shop is very pink.

The new signage for Big Game Hunt - now called Shooting Gallery.

The newly refurbished targets.

A look at the new stock.

TimberWolf received new air gates.

The ride still needs some attention.  It's still pretty rough.

The new Cinnabon.

A look inside.

The newly redone Candy Store.

This is to become a new ICEE stand.

This will be home to a new dog show this summer.

A new football toss game is going in here.

Some "new to us" cars for Le Taxi Tour.

Newly reconfigured entrance to Boomerang.

The queue area is a lot smaller now.

The old Zambezi Zinger entrance will be enclosed for storage.

The Zulu control booth is now elevated.

Here is other side of that elevated control booth.

This area is now blocked off.

A newly repurposed clearance shop in Europa.

Lots of good deals in here.