June 8, 2008

Canada's Wonderland

Welcome to Canada's Wonderland.

The park has a beautiful entrance.

Our first coaster of the day was Flight Deck.

Your typical Vekoma SLC.  Yes, rough.

Next was Time Warp.

There's probably a reason why not too many of these have been built.

Delirium was a lot of fun.

Sledgehammer was a lot of fun too.  Very unique ride.

The main reason we are here is BEHEMOTH.

This ride is super fast and full of airtime.

Check out the seating.  The flying-V is unique to this ride.

We rode Backlot Stunt Coaster next.

My brother wasn't overly impressed.

Minebuster was next.

We were not fans.

How about an old school stand-up?

SkyRider is pretty scary because of how "not secure" the restraints make you feel.

How about some powered-coaster goodness?

Thunder Run's setting inside Wonder Mountain is what makes this a fun ride.

Another coaster located on the mountain is Vortex.

The Vortex is an exact layout copy of Flight Deck at Kings Island, however the setting here makes all the difference.

How about a mouse called the Fly?

Some junior credit whoring now.  Here's a Jr Inverted from Vekoma.

Taxi Jam

Finally we have Ghoster Coaster.  This is a fun junior wooden coaster.

The boomerang is called the Bat.

Thanks for dropping in.

Wild Beast has to be one of the roughest wooden coasters I've ridden.

Here's Dragon Fire - an old school Arrow corkscrew.

We had a great time at Wonderland today - time to head back to the States.