June 9, 2008

Michigan's Adventure

Welcome to Michigan's Adventure

We started off the day on Mad Mouse

The next ride would be the marquee coaster here - Shivering Timbers

We decided it was a tad overrated.  Just another wooden out and back coaster.

Wolverine Wildcat was next.  It was a better ride than Shivering Timbers... barely.

Sadly, Zach's Zoomer was the best wooden coaster here.

Yes, it's a junior wooden coaster.

How about a Corkscrew?

It was a pretty typical Corkscrew

Thunderhawk is the "newest" coaster at the park.

It was relocated from Geauga Lake

The locals love it though.

The park has a great rapids ride called Grand Rapids.

The KING of the park is the Big Dipper.

No, not really - but yes we rode it.

Well time to head out.  The park has potential, but I don't think it will ever meet it.