June 6, 2008

Coaster Mania (Cedar Point)


Welcome to Cedar Point and Coaster Mania 2008!

The brothers started off the day on their favorite steel coaster - Millennium Force.

The best part of ERT here is numerous rides on Millennium Force.

Yeah it's probably overrated for what it is, but I love this ride.

Also on morning ERT was Maverick

I want to like this ride, but the abrupt transitions and the restraints don't mix well.

The final coaster on morning ERT was Raptor and it was a walk-on.

It is definitely one of the best inverteds out there.

 We knocked out a few more coasters in the park before the Q&A session.

Impulse coasters are my guilty pleasures.

Another guilty pleasure here at CP is Disaster Transport.  It's so weird.

Like normal, we didn't learn much at the Q&A, but it's fun to see the heads of Cedar Fair

The brothers are having a great time at Cedar Point.

Lunch was next.  Lots of good food and lots of freebies from the park.

After lunch we took a spin on the Cedar Downs.

We then took a spin on Iron Dragon.

Oh look there's a coaster over there too - Wildcat.

We have a love/hate relationship with Mantis.  

If there is a S&S swing in the park - we're going to ride it.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride is not kind to tall people.

Fast forward to Nighttime ERT.

This year they had Gemini.


and Top Thrill Dragster on ERT.

Another LONG, yet amazing day at Cedar Point.  We'll definitely be back.