August 2, 2008

Six Flags Great America

Welcome to Six Flags Great America

I always start off at Superman: Ultimate Flight due to the slow loading process

Next I went to The Dark Knight Coaster.  It is a great ride but it always has a long queue

Continuing on around the loop - the next coaster was Ragin' Cajun.

Who doesn't love Batman? The original still produces.

Across the road is Vertical Velocity.  Impulse coasters are my guilty pleasure.

Iron Wolf.  It might be a B&M, but it is extremely rough.

Next it was time for a ride on the classic racer, the American Eagle

I have a love/hate relationship with Demon.  It is rather rough, but I love the cheesy nature of the theme and the "light tunnel"

I feel this is the heart and soul of the park.  I hope they keep Whizzer forever

Viper is a lot of fun.  It's probably the best wooden coaster in the park

The star of the park is definitely Ragin' Bull

It is located in the best looking area of the park

We had a great time at the park and cannot wait to visit again