August 2, 2008

Kiddieland Chicago

Welcome to Historic Kiddieland Chicago

The star attraction is Little Dipper

It might look sweet and innocent, but don't let it catch you off guard.


Yeah, this is my 5th time on Little Dipper

Look at everyone having a good time

This was the worth the price of admission

Yes, there's some other rides in the park

Flying Saucers


Polyup - it's like a weird variation/combination of octopus and scrambler

The park has a couple of classic carousels
This is a car variation carousel

The have a great Scooters ride here


Here is the Ferris Wheel and Sizzler


Their Log Flume is really fun

It's actually really long too

Yep, you get a little moist on the Log Flume

What a great day!