August 5, 2008


Welcome to Adventureland

The first ride of the day was Outlaw

It produced a great ride like normal

My favorite flat ride here at the park - Sidewinder

It was time to get a headache - yep, Dragon

Well thankfully they have a cool fun mirror exit to Dragon

It almost makes up for how bad Dragon is

How does one describe the Underground?  It's... weird... and indoors.

Saw Mill Splash time.

This ride is very unique.  We're going to take it for a spin.

You do get rather wet on the ride

Well since we are already wet, he decided we should ride the Rapids

Of course I was the got soaked - he barely got a sprinkle.

I got my revenge though.  I made him sit in the front on the log flume

Yep.  He was completely soaked after this hill.

Sometimes it pays to be the big brother

We rode Tornado next

We had a great time

We took a ride on the Skyride to end the day

We had a great time today