August 15, 2009

Coaster Mayhem IV (WOF)


Welcome to Coaster Mayhem 2009 at Worlds of Fun

The morning started off with ERT on Patriot

We had numerous laps with minimal waiting

Next we gathered to go on a backstage tour

This year's tour was Prowler

With Prowler being mostly out of view in the park...

It's a lot of fun to get to roam around it's track on these tours

It's really pretty impressive looking back here

Thanks to Brandon Stanley for taking us on this tour

Time to head back to the park

We went and did our ERT on Wacky Worm next

This coaster is usually "off limits" to adults, so this ERT session is fun

This year at lunch, they had a funnel cake eating contest

There was also a Q&A session that was pretty cool

Next we got a behind the scenes look at the new Haunt maze

A look at the new construction

Going down into the new Haunt

This is going to look very different this Fall

Night ERT was on Prowler and was amazing.
Thanks for a great day, Worlds of Fun!