October 3, 2009

Harvest Festival (SDC)

Welcome to the National Harvest Festival at SDC

Let's head on into the park

A huge cornucopia greets you as walk on to the square

The square has lots of crafter shops set up

The donkey was working hard today

Working on a loom

Lots and lots of craft booths

Some very impressive things for sale

A display of famous Missourians

Here's just a few of the famous people

They go into a lot of depth on each person - which was neat

I think a lot of people forget Walt Disney is from Missouri

American Food Court in the Red Gold Hall

Lots of good choices in here

They had a Barn Dance in here as well

Headin' West returns in the Opera House

This very impressive production follows a family moving across America

There are many stops along the route

Very well done - very enjoyable

See ya next time