May 2, 2010

Frontier City

Welcome to Frontier City in OKC

Let's start off the day with Diamond Back

It's an old school Arrow shuttle coaster

Here in the parking lot you can see how the ride works.
You go both forwards and backwards through the loop.

Heading into the rest of the park

New for this year is Steel Lasso

This is a Vekoma Junior Inverted Coaster

Coming off the lift hill

Zooming around the circuit

The ride gets really low to the ground at times

Next up is Silver Bullet

Here's the entire layout of the coaster
(as seen from the ferris wheel)

Coming down the first drop

Up into the loop

It was a lot of fun - I enjoyed the openness of the trains

Wildcat was the next coaster of the day

This wooden coaster was rescued from the now closed Fairyland Park in KC

It is basically an out and back coaster that hugs the southern edge of the park

I thought the finale was interesting.  
It looks like it used to have a splash down.

Other rides in the park include the Casino

Tin Lizzy car ride.

The Grand Centennial Ferris Wheel is located at the highest point of the park.

You get some decent views of the park from up there


Rodeo Round Up

The old home of the indoor rollercoaster Nightmare Mine 

Mystery River Log Flume

Grand Carousel

Quick Draw - a Sally built shooter ride



Time Warp

Prairie Schooner

Old 89'er Express Rail Road

Dodge 'Ems

Stunt Show

Wild Kitty

The kids sure were enjoying this one

I had enjoyable day at this little park

Until next time, Frontier City!