May 14, 2011

Planet Snoopy Construction (WOF)

Let's take a look at the progress of Planet Snoopy
First off the section is "open" just not fully "open"

The aerial tram ride still has a lot of work to be done

The station hasn't even been painted yet

Looks like they still have some track pieces to be placed.

Here you can get a better look at where the track is still missing
Here is the exit stairway

The plaza area still needs some work too,

Snoopy has been placed though and that's important.

The tram's track really towers over everything in the section

Looks like the exit will lead right into the gift shop

They are building a new snack shop

Moon Bounce is still not ready to be open yet.

The old Launch Pad Gifts is now a Family Care Center

The new tea cup ride is open

Let's look at the rides in the upper section

Most of the rides have been rethemed

Some decorations are still being installed

This was one of the more dramatic rethemes

This ride just received minor retheming

New hydraulic powered swing

There is a max height limit on this one

One last look at this area before moving down to the lower section

The Rockin' Tug was not open yet.

The Samba Tower is new

The carts actually spin if you want them to

I liked the statue by the ride entrance to the Samba Tower

A few more things to look at in this area.

Road Rally was open, even though they were still working on the fences.

Here you can see where the temporary fence is located.

Wacky Worm is still here, just the lowest section has not been integrated into Planet Snoopy.  I'm not sure what the long term plans are for this area.