August 20, 2011

Park Update (Schlitterbahn KC)

Since our last update, Storm Tower has opened at 'Bahn KC.

The complex features 3 different slides. 

The black slide (Whirlwind) is an enclosed tube slide.

The other two slides are mat slides.

There is one open air mat slide and one and enclosed mat slide.

The complex is proving to be pretty popular

The complex really dominates the skyline on this side of the park.

Here the entrance to Mighty Mo.  The two tunnel openings are what will feed this extreme tubing river.  The water powering the river will be runoff from Boogie Bahn.

The water will be coming out of these tubes pretty quickly.

The rock work is pretty impressive for this river.

The river sneaks under the slides of the Storm Tower complex.

The river continues on from the new hill.

The middle river is where Mighty Mo connects to the Kristal River.

Time to check out the rest of the new area.  This is Boogie Beach,

You will have the option of climbing stairs or riding a conveyor belt to the the next area.

They're still working on the conveyor belt.

Here you can get a better idea of the layout of the area. The cement area at the bottom of the photo is a tidal pool which will hold water when the pumps are turned off for the night.

Here's a better look at the lift.

Here's the top of the lift.

This is going to be a popular lift when this area open.

The top of the lift is still being worked on.

This is the entrance to the King Kaw river.  There will be a bridge here.

The start of King Kaw are these tidal pools.

It'll be interesting to see how the water flows through here.

Once you exit the pools you enter a very fast moving rapids river.

This will easily be the longest river in the park.

Exploring more of the river.

King Kaw will basically go around Storm Tower

The final new attraction is Boogie Bahn

This will be the first surf simulator in the area.

This should prove to be a lot of fun.

This is the water holding area that will feed the powerful jets of Boogie Bahn

Still a lot of work to be done - here's where the pavement ends for now.

Lots of cool things happening at 'Bahn KC. We'll check back in later.