November 5, 2011

Kalahari Water Park (Dells)

Welcome to the Kalahari Water Park at the Wisconsin Dells

Let's go check out this place

This is the wave pool.  The lazy river flows in and out of it.

This is the Tanzanian Twister

This is a body bowl slide that ends with a crazy drop off into this splash pool

This tandem tube slide is Rippling Rhino

We felt it was the most tame slide in the park

This the catch pool for Rippling Rhino (and the raft lift)

A look at the far corner to the right of the wavepool of the park

Here's a portion of the lazy river - we'll see more of it later

Derrijk decided to try out the Flow Rider

He wiped out numerous times

Over by the Flow Rider is this water fort for the kids

Back to the Lazy River

It does a split here and you can choose your path

Back to the slides.  Both of these are body slides.

Elephant's Trunk (red) and Zig Zag Zebra (yellow).
Both were a lot of fun

More of the lazy river - yes it goes all over the place

Leopard's Lair waterfortress

It's huge

There are few slides here as well

More of the fortress and more lazy river

Crocodile Cove

Lily Pad Walk

Adult hot tub

Master Blaster and Victoria Falls

The Master Blaster was my favorite ride here

It featured 4 sections of blasters along the route

Victoria Falls is the family raft slide

The tube actually travels outside (it's enclosed) the park.

You get a lot of air on these final hills

The two slides share a conveyor belt

I had an amazing time at the waterpark with my friends

Kalahari is an amazing place!