April 27, 2012

Legoland Discovery Center Kansas City

Welcome to Legoland Discovery Center Kansas City at the Crown Center.

Let's head on in and check the place out.

Now that we have exited the elevators that took us up, let's look around.

This is the Lego Factory.

Here you get to learn how those famous bricks are created.

Here's a press machine.

Finally the end product comes out here.

You can also check out what the Master Model Builder is up to.

As soon as you exit the factory you come to the Kingdom Quest ride.

The ride features blasters which you use to fend off bad guys.

There's a good mixture of video screens and actually animatronic sets on the ride.

Pretty fun and impressive ride.

Our next ride is the Merlin's Apprentice.

The ride is powered by the riders and the faster you pedal the higher your cart goes.

This is the Master Builder Workshop.

The Academy Play Area.

There are lots of fun climbing activities in this area.

Racers Build & Test area.

You build your car and then test it out on the different tracks.

The Earthquake "Shake Table"

The Lego Friends area.  It features a Karaoke station.

The Lego Cinema where they show Lego 4D Movies.

It's a pretty big theatre.

This is the food court.

The Duplo Village section.

I really liked the giraffe made of Legos.

Time to check out Miniland

This is one of the larger Minilands at a LDC.

Union Station and the WWI Memorial

Downtown - Sprint Center.

Kansas Speedway

The "K" - Home of the Royals

Arrowhead - Home of the Chiefs

The Plaza.


Sporting Field - Home of Sporting KC

Wizard of Oz area

The farm house (it goes up in a twister)


Emerald City

The Witch's Castle.

Back in the main room.

Time to head out.