May 13, 2012

Six Flags St. Louis

Welcome to Six Flags St. Louis

I started off the day on Screamin' Eagle.

The coaster was running great today.

Sky Screamer was next.  Such a great ride.

Short line on Pandemonium - let's take it for a spin!

I got a cart that spun the entire time.

The Boss is still a horrible ride.

The Mine Train however is still a great ride.

It's hard to not like this ride.

Well I took my "one and done" ride on Ninja for the season.

This is still my favorite ride at the park.

I just wish the walk to the station was shorter.

Seriously.  Fix the queue line already.

So... they have turned the Mr. Freeze train around.

They now shoot you out of the station backwards.

Honestly I am not sure it made much of a difference.

The place where you notice the most difference is on the spike.

So my vote is that it is better now.

Still one of the best shooter rides out there.

Hi, Colossus.

I finished out the day on American Thunder.

It was really kicking butt today.  Until next time.