June 15, 2012

Oceans of Fun

Welcome to Oceans of Fun

Let's head on into the park.

I started off my day at Paradise Falls.

Some fun smaller slides in this complex.

Surf City Wavepool.

Hurricane Falls

You can get some crazy air on this family raft slide.

Here you can get a better look at Hurricane Falls.  The lazy river, Caribbean Cruiser, circles the island where Hurricane Falls empties into.

Diamond Head is an insane trio of body slides.

Typhoon is a pair of racing body slides - and my favorite slides in the park.

Coconut Cove is the large activity pool at the park.

Aruba Tuba is a pair of tube slides.

Crocodile Isle is the kiddie pool section.

The final ride in the park is Monsoon, which is shared with Worlds of Fun.

Oceans of Fun was a great way to cool off on this very warm summer day.