June 9, 2012

Adventure Bay

Welcome to Adventure Bay - let's start at the back of the park and work our way forward.  This is the new wavepool that features two different wave patterns (mild and wild).

It's being advertised as the largest wavepool in Iowa.

This is the new kiddie swim up bar.

They also have a new activity pool in this area.

More of the activity pool on the other side of the swim up bar.

From one swim up bar to the other - this is the adults swim up bar.

It was very popular today.

The lazy river circles the adult pool.

The racing slides.

There are two very scary speed slides in this complex.

You cause a huge wave when you come to a stop at the bottom.

More of the lazy river.

This is Typhoon.

The funnel in the middle of the course is a lot of fun.

It's a popular slide.

The Bermuda Quadrangle is a great tube slide complex.

There's a kiddie splash pad near the front of the park.

Kokomo Kove was the original part of the this waterpark.

It's still a fun place to explore.

They really have a great waterpark here.