June 9, 2012


Welcome to Adventureland

We decided to ride this crazy indoor "coaster" first.  It didn't disappoint.

Since it was next doors, the Bumper Cars were next.

Of course he destroyed everyone like normal.

Space Shot has to be one of the most forceful towers out there.

Our annual photo with the pig.  (It's an inside joke)

This log flume is evil.  It looks innocent but gets you soaked.

Tornado is a great out and back wooden coaster.

It has some good pops of air.

How many adults can you fit in a tilt-a-whirl cart?  4.  4 adults.

This looper (Dragon) really just sucks.

The fun house mirrors at the exit make it worth it though.

We spent too much time in here.

Sidewinder is probably my favorite flat ride in the park.

Saw Mill Splash is a weird water ride.

Let's go check out the Circus.

Yeah, it's a little cheesy.

Even though she's an older lady, she's pretty talented.

Well that was definitely something.

The Outlaw is still the best coaster in the park.

No wait. This is my favorite ride in the park.

The Lighthouse is always fun.

We had a great time hanging out at Adventureland.