December 1, 2012

Coaster Christmas IX (SDC)


Welcome to ACE's Coaster Christmas IX at Silver Dollar City

First we need to check in.

All right.  We got our badges.  Let's go!

This long line is for...


Lisa Rau welcomes everyone to Coaster Christmas and gets the show started with...

Free shirts!

Next Brad Thomas from SDC talks about the amazing new Outlaw Run.

Basically it's going to be insane.

The CEO of RMC next talked about the progress on the ride.

The rep from Six Flags was next.

"New" next year will be Boomerang.

Hard to get excited for a used Boomerang, but whatever.

Here's where it will go.

They've already started working on the site.

Time to put on your 3D glasses.

Yep, it's Schlitterbahn time.

The park's GM made the trek down to represent the park this year.

More shade is coming.

New Zipline style attraction.

Coming soon - a Mega Blaster.

Next it was Bradon from WOF's turn.

The park is turning 40

New next year is Dinosaurs Alive

The dinos have already started to arrive.

New at Oceans of Fun.

Looks like it will be a great addition.

Time for ERT!



Fire in the Hole!!!

Behind the scenes tour time.

Welcome to the new Outlaw Run.

Yes, we're having lunch in the station.

How cool is this?

Now we get to explore the actual work site.

Don't be jealous.

How cool is this?

If you forgot your hard hat - use your sibling.

This ride is going to be insane.

Again, don't be jealous.

Next we got VIP seating for Dickens.

Such a great show.

A quick ride on the train.

VIP tour of the cave

Look a Christmas tree!

Even the falls in the cave are festive.

Dancing tree time.

Back for day two - a special tour of the Round House.

Pretty neat.

Getting to talk to one of the conductors.

VIP seating for Wonderful Life.

Great show!

Time to ride the Dumbos

Can't forget the Flooded Mine.

Coaster Christmas IX was a big thumbs up!