April 27, 2013

World Fest (SDC)

Welcome to World Fest at SDC.

Some fun decorations on the square.

Streichmusick Alder from Switzerland was performing at the Gazebo.

They played an alpine horn.

and some huge cowbells.

Ecuador Manta was performing at the bottom of Hill Street.

In the Red Gold Heritage Hall, Spettacolo Musicale was performing.

The show had some very talented singers.

It honestly reminded me of a Vegas lounge show.

Very entertaining show.

In the Red Gold courtyard, Viva Italia is taking place.

It might be a bit too much.

Tastes of the World Food Court is back at the Frisco Barn.

Dhearbil Finnegan and Robin Slater were back with their trio.

Kerry Christensen was back with his accordion, yodeling and alpine horn skills.

Island Fire returns at the Riverfront Playhouse.

Everything is better with fire in it.

In the Opera House, Amamos Argentina is performing featuring Los Gauchos Pampos.

There was also aerial ballroom dancing - she was on a bungee chord.

But the Gauchos were the real star of the show.

Another great day at the 'City!