May 24, 2013

Schlitterbahn Kansas City

Welcome to Schlitterbahn Kansas City.

I started off the day at Boogie Bahn.

I actually did much better today on this ride.

Time to ride the waves on Torrent River.

It's probably my favorite thing to do here.

You can tell it's chilly today.  Not too many people here.

This is a great tube slide complex.  The Black Knight is my favorite.

I warmed up here in this pool - it's heated.

Storm Blaster had a short line today, so I took advantage of it.

King Kaw was closed today, but Mighty Mo was open.

Well I wiped out again on the mat slides.  Not enjoyable at all.

Whirlwind (the tube slide) is much more enjoyable for me.

Well I froze out.  Time to head home.