August 24, 2013

Splashin' Safari

Welcome to Splashin' Safari - we started off the day with Wildebeest.

From one water coaster to the other - MAMMOTH time.

The size of this slide is just insane.

Each raft seats 6 passengers.

A fun ride.

The two water coasters really dominate the skyline on this side of the park.

This Bahari Wave Pool.

Jungle Racer.  Yes, Derrijk beat us down the slide again.

Zinga.  How do I always end up going into the funnel backwards?

Zoombabwe is probably my favorite slide at this park.

Otorongo is a complex of 3 tube slides.

Wahtube was the park's original family raft slide.

Bahari River is the park's lazy river.

Bakuli is a huge mega bowl slide.

Kima Bay waterfortress.

Giraffica (the former Pilgrim's Plunge) is now part of Splashin' Safari and not Thanksgiving.

The newest slide complex is Hyena Falls.

It's way off by itself though which is very inconvenient.

It has a wave slide that's kind of fun.

We had a great time at Splashin' Safari!