March 28, 2014


Welcome to Dollywood!

We started the day at Thunderhead.

This is a great wooden coaster tucked back in the hills.

Let's head further into the park.

Next would be the Mystery Mine.

This is a very unique themed coaster.

It would be a lot more fun if it was smoother.

The new coaster for this season is Firechaser Express.

You launch out of the station.

Then the coaster does a double helix before heading into the lift hill.

The coaster then winds itself around the complex with dips and curves.

The train then heads into this building before being blasted backwards.

The train actually enters back into the station backwards.

Here's a wider shot of the new ride.

Next coaster of the day would be Wild Eagle.

This is by far our favorite coaster at the park.

This is a HUGE coaster.

This winged coaster is a lot of fun.

Looked what just hatched.

The next coaster of the day was Tennessee Tornado.

Up the lift the train goes.

After a long first drop tunnel you experience a loop and an overbanked curve.

This is probably one of the better Arrow loopers.

You have to respect the classics like Blazing Fury.

Let's check out Barnstormer.

This is a S&S swing and it's a lot of fun.

There's a lot of charm to this park.

They probably have the best train of any park.

We always have a great time at Dollywood!